Insurance Company Approved & Billed Direct

store-front-05Unfortunately, businesses sometimes fall victim to vandals. In this board-up project, a large brick had been thrown through this window in an attempted robbery.

Since Washington Window & Glass Services is a 24 hour/7 Days-a-Week company, we were able to board up this storefront window within the hour and immediately began working to replace the window. Our trucks and warehouse are equipped with ready-to-install glass so within minutes of arrival, we can begin preparing to replace the shattered glass.

This store’s window was installed, sealed and reinstalled the same day the vandalism occurred. It’s almost like it never happened.

My storefront windows were shattered…

store-front-05If someone has smashed your windows in your storefront we are able to provide an immediate solution to secure your business.

What do I do next?

  1. Call Washington Window & Glass Services at (360) 451-3990
  2. Do not touch any glass or attempt to clean up glass debris
  3. Wait for our Glass Expert to arrive
  4. Let us handle this dangerous situation
    Dont Panic!